Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022

Dear readers, I have once again the pleasure of presenting Novavision Group’s Sustainability Report, now in its third edition.

For the realization of this report, we have taken the opportunity to increase the involvementl evel of our stakeholders, both in the materiality definition phase, including the concept of “double materiality”, and in the collection phase of the qualitative and quantitative content that define our activity.

This Sustainability Report consists of a voluntary, non-financial document, which will progressively supplement the annual budget, a tangible sign of our will to embark on a virtuous and sustainable path, which for the Company translates into the transparency and correctness of its activities and, above all, into the creation of value for all the subjects with whom it operates. We believe that sustainability is an essential element that will allow us to beome even more resilient in addressing the challenges ahead.

The Report is aimed at our people, suppliers and partners, but also customers who wish to know in detail about the activities that we have been conducting for over 30 years in the field of integrated communication systems, electro-medical and electro-aesthetic devices, dermocosmetic products and training in the field of aesthetic medicine and professional treatments dedicated to women’s intimate health.

2022 was a year of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and was characterized by a sharp increase in raw material and energy prices. A scenario made even more complex by the evolution of the dramatic events linked to the recent conflict in Ukraine, with all the critical issues we are facing in relation to which we have taken significant action to reduce consumption, through a series of improvements and good practices in our daily lives.

In this context, the economic results as at 31 December 2022 show a slight contraction, confirmed by net operating revenues of 6.5 million euros, of which 3.4 million euros generated in Italy. The loss of approx. 500 thousand euros can be attributed to the italian market, while our growth in foreign markets continues.

Innovation continues to be a fundamental strategic aspect of medium and long-term growth for NovaVision Group. Each analysis, development, design and production phase takes place within our company structure, where specialized personnel, alongside an ethics committee composed by doctors, engineers and technicians, are dedicated to the study and realization of new high-performance machinery and the continuous improvement of existing platforms. The company owns as many as 35 proprietary technologies. In 2022 we invested in innovation and R&D with the aim of improving the quality of products and services. We have launched a new technology for muscle toning and body remodeling (Mshape), which has been available on the market since 2023. At the same time we continued our business collaborations and partnerships aimed at facilitating access to new markets, enabling us to expand into other countries, such as North Africa. Furthermore, we have seen an increase in demands from Russia, despite the existing critical issues related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

In addition, in 2022 we have launched a partnership with the Douglas Group, with the aim of creating a number of beauty lounges catered by Novavision within the partner’s stores.

We have never stopped focusing on efficient sales and after sales services, through specific training for our specialists, distributors and end users, thanks to our Novavision Academy and many educational meetings.
Finally, we are successfully continuing the Gaia project, thanks to which we continue to draw inspiration from the concept of beauty as well as paying due attention to the protection of the environment and planet Earth. The focus on sustainability is a fundamental part of our business environment, and it enabled us to reduce paper consumption by 45% in 2022 and achieve all the goals we set in 2021.

Danilo Crapelli