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Gaia, the primordial goddess

Why Gaia?

Gaia is the ancient Greek name of the Earth – not a spectacular planet in the solar system, but a deity.

YOBO Be the change you want to see in the world.

Giving up the use of PET bottles in our offices is certainly a drop in the ocean compared to what the community as a whole can do, yet even for that single drop Novavision carries on with its commitment, and the results are stunning, every single time.

Plastic Free Company

Every year we spare the planet 14,420 PET bottles, i.e. about 412 per employee. We can do more and more!

Optimize Do Not Waste

Find out about the project dedicated to resource optimisation in all of Novavision’s packaging.

Renewable Energie

And if energy were renewable… we would be infinitely powerful! Or are we already?

Figures of the Yobo project

0.420 NON-produced bottles
0.350 litres of NON-used oil
0Kg of PET saved

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