No print.pls! Planet is worth more than our brochures

No print.pls!   Planet is worth more than our brochures

One of the most ambitious projects linked to Gaia and the very important topic of environmental sustainability is the No print.pls! which sees Novavision actively engaged in minimizing the use of the paper involved in all its different activities.

In 2022 the project plays an increasingly important role, even arriving at the fair!


Novavision and all its Business Units, like their Italian distributor Novabee, have in fact chosen, a new approach starting from this year that provides for the minimization of printing and the use of paper for all activities related to marketing and promotion.


The common goal is to be able to push the use of digital tools, which will allow everyone to view all the necessary information material and, at the same time, to reduce the printed material distributed 


An entirely new approach that translates into innovation, even during the events in which we participate such as:




    AIGEF, the congress organized by the Italian Association of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology, at its fourth edition, was held in Milan on 27 and 28 May has seen Novaclinical medical devices as protagonists and, thanks to the participation of all those who have passed from our stand, has allowed us to save about 9600gr of CO2.


    During the IMCAS fair, held in Paris from 3 to 5 June, Novaclinical, the business unit of Novavision linked to the medical sector has allowed to reach all the information material connected to the devices by scanning a QR Code and saving, in this way 30Kg of Co2.

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