No print, pls! It’s the Gaia project, through which Novavision monitors its printing environment with the aim of minimising the use of paper and ink on its premises.

The project, which was launched in 2020, is based on a specific company policy that regulates the internal criteria for the use of printers and, thanks to the use of a specific software, the project makes it possible to improve the organisation of work and data collection.
Here’s how:

  • Authentication

    Only authenticated users can access the devices with special permissions, monitoring their targets in terms of printing and use of resources (paper, ink).

  • Detailed reports

    The project’s most valuable element with a view to achieving the goal is the collection and analysis of data about internal consumption. We are able to produce detailed monthly reports based on the consumption by individual users/offices/departments in order to allocate costs (for the sustainable budget), consumption, the use and efficiency of the printing environment.


A 20% reduction in paper use by Dec/2021
No paper waste by Dec/2021

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