Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021

Dear readers, I am delighted to once again present you the Novavision Group Sustainability Report, now in its second edition, a sign of the commitment to continue on the path of sustainability, which has now become an imperative for all companies.

This Sustainability Report represents a non-financial reporting of a voluntary nature that we intend to progressively match to the the Financial Statements, a tangible sign of the will of Novavision Group S.p.A. to embark on a virtuous and sustainable path, which for the Company translates into the transparency and correctness of its work and, above all, into the creation of value for all the subjects with whom it operates.

The Report is aimed at our people, suppliers and partners, but also customers who wish to know in detail about the activities that we have been carrying out for over 30 years for the creation of integrated communication systems, electro-medical and electro-aesthetic devices, dermocosmetic products and training in the field of aesthetic medicine and professional treatments dedicated to women’s intimate health.

For Novavision, Sustainability represents an opportunity to express its own value identity, based on the values ​​of respect for our world, respect for Customers and Partners, reliability and innovation, and developing projects related to the world of culture, volunteering and environmental protection, making sustainability the basic strategic orientation, capable of generating further value for present and future generations.

Although 2021 was another year characterized by a still complex health scenario determined by the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic results as at 31 December 2021 show substantial stability confirmed by net operating revenues of € 7.4 million, of which € 4.7 million generated in Italy. The loss, amounting to approx. € 177 thousand, was determined by the share of investments in the marketing sector and the decline in turnover from China.

In a context further complicated by the resumption of inflation and by the difficulties in supplying raw materials and energy resources, to which the issues of ecological transition and international equilibrium must be added, within a geopolitical framework presenting numerous elements of fragility, we launched two new devices on the market (Dafne and Anika) in the women’s intimate health sector and we renewed the certifications of all our devices until the end of 2023. At the same time, we started new commercial collaborations and partnerships to enter new markets, mainly Africa and India.

Innovation is a fundamental strategic aspect of medium and long-term growth. Each phase of analysis, development, design and production takes place within the company structure, where specialized personnel, alongside an ethics committee composed by doctors, engineers and technicians, are dedicated to the study and construction of new high-performance machinery and the continuous improvement of existing platforms. 35 technologies are the exclusive property of the company.

In 2021 we invested approx. 634 thousand euros (8.6% of turnover) in research and development programs aimed at the presentation of new equipment on the market in all sectors, and at developing new ones, to strengthen our presence in the field of medicine aesthetics and the ‘intimate care’ sector.

We have never stopped focusing on quality and innovation, high technology and safety. Those are our distinctive factors, together with efficient sales and after-sales services, and with the training we provide with the Novavision Academy and the many Webinars aimed at our specialists, distributors and end users.

Further essential elements are also local presence, regular participation in international events, trade fairs and congresses, and a constant focus on the market. Our presence in economically and culturally heterogeneous markets requires a tailor made approach to every need.

Novavision Group S.p.A. is a 100% Italian company in which style, design and a taste for beauty, which have made our country famous throughout the world, blend harmoniously with the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies, to meet customer needs through complete, reliable and technologically advanced solutions.

In 2021, through our subsidiary Novabee, we donated 7,000 tampons to the NGO “Operatori Sanitari Nel Mondo”, which were then shipped to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Finally, through the Gaia project, we continue to draw further inspiration from the concept of beauty and pay due attention to the protection and safeguard of the environment and the planet Earth.

Danilo Crapelli